Teh Pucuk Harum

This project is actually not the broadcasted spot, but it is our version of the spot. We were not happy with the final version, and we think we could have it better, and this could be a good showcase how can we fix and finish problematic shots.

Date: 2019
Client: Teh Pucuk Harum
Project Detail:
3D Animation (originally)

Originally we only created the 3D animation and 3D render passes for the online. The 3D works were for the refrigerators, garage doors and extra buildings, and supers. However, in this project, we recreate the spot by fixing the roto, layout, color grading, and whatnot.

Major Fixes

These two shots are the most problematic shots from the whole spots. There are some roto issues, their background footages are not painted out, they were not utilizing the render passes in the compositing process, and also their color is a little all over the places. Luckily, for these two shots, we have (almost) all the elements of the shots, and we are able to rebuild them from scratch.

Small Fixes

In these shots, we fix all the background parts, where the edges from the roto are pretty sharp whereas the building images are pretty much out of focus. We also remove one or two of the tall buildings since they are creating a weird perspective of deception. We also fix the color of the background to create the depth illusion more realistic, the final spot’s sky-replacement seems to have a little problem with the color of the original background. On top of those, we are also leveling out the color and look across the board that the overlook between the shot would look similar. 
As a note, on these footages, we dont have the original footage, so we have to work on the final render of the spot.