LFG (2021)

In this project, we support the graphic team with creating matte of the players to be used in the design. We are also responsible on fixing the old photo documentary that has dirt, folds, staind and what not. 

Silymarin – Skin Ceuticals

In this project, we create the graphic opening for the spots. We design the typo and graphic animation so it works with edit timing yet in-sync with the supported the animated background graphic animation. 

Pillsbury – Every Night

This is a pretty quick turnaround project where we fix the packaging on the product shot for the end-tag for the Pillsbury Spots. We removed the crumpled label, imperfection on the label creases, and also add some highlight/specular to make them a bit more lively.


In this project, we replace the screen on the screen and add reflection on the doctor’s eyeglasses.