In this short film project, we are responsible for all the head inflate and deflate effects in the film. 

LFG (2021)

In this project, we support the graphic team by creating a matte of the players to use in the design. We are also responsible for fixing the old photo documentary that has dirt, folds, stains, and whatnot. 

Ohlin/D 2016

In this project, we create a few scenes where we combine 2 different shots with 2 different characters in 2 different background sets into one fluid transition. The goal was to present them as a one fluid movement act in one shot, with the same ambient feeling and set environment.

Everything Is Copy

In this project, we separate every objects of the photographs and create the sense of the depth in the picture, so that we can bring the audience fly into the photograph. The film is nominated for 2 Emmys in 2016.

Zune – Laika

The project is to create an animation for the Zune video, its story based on Laika, the first dog that orbits the earth. This project is a  combination of traditional stop motion and computer graphic animation.