Almer Ilpasha – InhouseKreasi Creative Production

As founder / creative director / film director of InhousKreasi Creative Production, equipped with a well-balance of entrepreneurial skills, love for his work, and mind-boggling visions, Almer is one of the founders of InhouseKreasi. With over a decade of experience in the broadcasting industry in Indonesia, Almer began his career as an Art Director at Broadcast Design Indonesia. He then joined one of Indonesia’s largest TV networks: SCTV and received various international awards there. Together with a few of his producers, Almer went to extend his creativity at ASTRO TV Indonesia. He created hundreds of television promotions, a few commercials, and music videos from diverse popular artists. Now Almer is ready to build InhouseKreasiproduction into a place of excellent creativity, pushing it towards greatness within his home land’s creative industry.

Established since 2009, InhouseKreasi is a creative production company that employs a dedicated in-house team. Our mission and passion are to provide the best output for our clients by working with professional individuals in the film industry ensuring the best team for each domestic and international project.