Cisco – Let’s Go

In this project, we work on a few compositing shots to create a visualization to deliver the message for this spot.

Date : 2021
Client : Union Editorial
Project Detail :

VR Spaceship Shot

For this spaceship shot, we rebuild the shot and reanimate the camera to create a visualization where the spaceship is kind of in the virtual world that is seen from the kid’s VR headgear (previous shot).

Inclusive Shot

In this inclusive shot, we roto out foreground people to reveal the new brainstorming on the whiteboard to convey the message from its narration.

Pillars Shot

In this pillar shot, we create very simple compositing, where the super is tracked to the camera’s movement and casts its shadow on the pillars. We also create the pillars matte so we could change the washed-out sky into blueish color.