ADP – Approach

In this project, we rebuild some shots of the spots to convey the idea of the story into visualization.

Date : 2022
Client : Impressionista Films
Project Detail :
3D Modeling-Animation, rotoscope, and compositing

Golf Ball To Bike Shop Shot

In this sequence of shots, the idea is to have the golf ball rolling with the same speed and direction as the wheel, and also the golf ball size needs to be the exact size of the bike’s front wheel.
In the practical shot, we have difficulty controlling the perfect movement of the ball with the right angle to have the exact size.
So in the comp, we rebuilt the golf shot with clean background footage and shot the ball separately on a guided ramp with a high-speed camera, so we can have the perfect angle and perfect speed to match the bike movement.
On top of that, we need to remove the poster on the wall, since it distracts the audience’s eyes. Also, we need to reduce the redness of the “42” on the background behind the window, so we can have the bike pop up in the foreground.

Golf Tracer Transform To Bridge Shot

In this shot, we want to have the golf ball tracer like in PGA TV that will transform into a bridge’s arch and build the bridge construction in 3D software, to show an architect is designing the bridge.
We stabilize the shot and tracked the golf ball tracer in 3D to follow the golfer’s movement, and the tracer transform into a 3D construction arch to show it is actually a 3D model. At the same time, we tracked the golfer’s swing shot into the monitor to create a transformation from real-life footage into a 3D software interface on the monitor screen, and the bridge start to build from the arch into a full bridge 3D model.

Greenscreen/Tracer On Monitor Removal

This shot is the easiest work from this spot. Originally the client might want to have the 3D software interface on the screen, but since it was very dark, we could not see it anyway, so the client cancel that idea. But there is still an issue where the tracer and the green color can be seen in some of the frames. So we end up putting a solid dark color over the monitor and rematching the light pass over the screen.

Hips Replacement Shot

Because of the angle and the wrinkle on the golfer’s pants, his hips look a little too wide in a weird shape. So the client wants to have them a bit narrow with fewer wrinkles.
We painted out the background of the footage so we can trim in the golfer’s hips, and tracked those mattes to follow the camera movement.