The New Yorker

In this project, I create the animation of the city shots that are based on The New Yorker Magazine. I also make the transition/animation for the first 4 scenes.

We Didn’t Know

The project is a music video for Todd Riddle’s song, We Didn’t Know. The music video is a combination of 2D animation and live-action footage. All the animation of the characters and the elements are interacting with the action from the footage, which becomes the center of the story.

Herbert’s Wormhole

The project is to create a video animation from an illustration book, Herbert’s Wormhole, for its promo release. This animation is built from the drawings in the book and reanimated in After Effects.

Mrs. Butterworth’s

The project is to animate Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle which is talking and singing with the boy. Using the still frame and creating a basic body of Mrs. Butterworth’s, then animating and compositing it back into the original footage.


This project is a video to show Trapster as a mobile apps that would help the user to navigate thru the city and social life activity.

Rooney vs Messi

The project is to create a viral video which is promoting a game between Manchester United against Barcelona in the Championship League Final.

Any Other Day

The project is to create a style shot for Wyclef feat. Norah Jones’ music video, “Any Other Day”. The idea is to create a music video style that looks like a cut-out page.