VISA Checkout – Nutcracker

In this project, I was creating smartphone browsing graphics that move and interact with the ballet dancer. I also created the end tag animation with the new assets, duration, and time remap.

Herbert’s Wormhole

The project is to create a video animation from an illustration book, Herbert’s Wormhole, for its promo release. This animation is built from the drawings in the book and reanimated in After Effects.


The project is to create a transition from live-action footage into the end tag of the spot, with a liquid-look animation that wipes down the screen and forms the product logo.


The project is to create an opening and end animation for a series of Luckycharm cereal spots. The idea of this spot is to create a spot that mimics a movie trailer in the theater, so the opening and end animation would visualize as is part of a movie trailer.