Poptech – Camden

In this project, I creates the video style frame design, and also creating the design for its graphic animation  that depict the feel of stop-motion animation using the jewelry artworks.

Avantgarde Women

The project is to design a visual story that depict the idea of Red Car culture that is inspired by avantgarde female icons through out the 20th century of art culture.

They Didn’t Know

The project is a music video for Todd Riddle song, They Didn’t Know. The music video is a combination of 2D animation over a life action footage. All the animation of the characters and the elements are interacting with the the action from the footage, which become the center of the story.

Herbert’s Wormhole

The project is to create a video animation from an illustration book, Herbert’s Wormhole, for its promo release. This animation is built from the drawings in the book and reanimated in After Effects.

Rooney vs Messi

The project is to create a viral video which is promoting a game between Manchester United against Barcelona in the Championship League Final.


The project is to create a smoke animation that coming out from a muffler, which also forms some excuses (typos) of people not using public transportation.


The project is to create a visual effects illusion that illustrates the destruction of jungles and habitats from consuming cocaine.

Camel – Refusing To Be Ordinary

The project is to create a promotion video for Camel’s promo, “Refusing To Be Ordinary”. All the animation was built in after effects, and I create a script to generate the leaves animation when they fly and also when they are in the field for the time-lapse shot.