Fisher Price – Puppy

In this project, we clean up all the drooling spots on the baby’s shirt. We also swap around the block color, sticker, and adding the block into the shots to make the visual story fluid from one shot to another.

Fisher Price – Movi

In this project, we work on cleaning up the laser glare on the girl’s hair, removing highlight movement on the toys, and also change the toys’ light to match the VO, to meet the legal needs.

Fisher Price – Monster

The work in this project is to clean up all the wires that are used to control the toys’ direction, so it would tell the story better. Also, we do some more clean-up for the crew in the frame and leftover cereal on the floor.

Chevy Cruze – Driver Assist

In this project, we track the movement of the car to simulate the Chevy Cruze newest technology for its sensor. We also help to roto and composite to visualize the sensor and how it interacts with the car surrounding and/or its environment.