– Video Booth

In this project, we created a video presentation to explain what is We also create an illustration of the user interface from their brand-new website. The goal is to give the audience a hint of what do and it’s primary features, to help people to buy a good quality used car.

Android – 100 Billion Words

In this project, I was working mostly on recreating or simulate the Android Google Translate GUI on multiple devices. I rebuilt the design and animation to make sure it showed exactly like it would look like in the real world since some of the shots were shot over a blank smartphone screen.

The New Yorker

In this project, I create the animation of the city shots that are based on The New Yorker Magazine. I also make the transition/animation for the first 4 scenes.

Duke Energy Ad

The project is to create an animation that will describe how much is Duke Energy electricity source that come from solar power technology

Poptech – Camden

In this project, I create the video style frame design and also create the design for its graphic animation that depicts the feel of stop-motion animation using jewelry artworks.

Avantgarde Women

The project is to design a visual story that depict the idea of Red Car culture that is inspired by avantgarde female icons through out the 20th century of art culture.