Esso – Mom-ologue

In this project, we need to create a version of Esso where the client does not want to have any palm trees in the houses shot. They are also want to have a cleaner street, which they shot need to have less garbage or street patches throughout the spot.

Ohlin/D 2016

In this project, we create a few scenes where we combine 2 different shots with 2 different characters in 2 different background sets into one fluid transition. The goal was to present them as a one fluid movement act in one shot, with the same ambient feeling and set environment.

The New Yorker

In this project, I create the animation of the city shots that are based on The New Yorker Magazine. I also make the transition/animation for the first 4 scenes.

Any Other Day

The project is to create a style shot for Wyclef feat. Norah Jones’ music video, “Any Other Day”. The idea is to create a music video style that looks like a cut-out page.